AI - a Historical Moment, with Alvaro García Martínez from Mayhem Mirror | TVAP EP52

Monday 13th February 2023


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Show Notes

This is a hot topic with "No AI" trending on Artstation and pending court cases we spoke to Director, Filmmaker and Game Designer Alvaro García Martínez who has been heavily engaged with this topic.

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Alvaro worked as VFX Artist for 10 years at London's top studios before founding Mayhem Mirror, his own Game Design studio. So he has experience as an employee an independent creator and as an employer of artists.

As Alvaro says, "I am not against AI, but against the unethical use of AI". But what does that mean?

Tune in and join the debate!

00:00:00 : What to expect

00:08:00 : If it feels wrong it probably is wrong

00:16:38 : Pixel Laundering

00:42:30 : Translating emotions into actions

01:00:10 : Should I study art?

01:10:14 : Outro: Mayhem Mirror Reel

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