AI in the VFX & Creative Industry: Impact, Issues & Solutions | TVAP EP45

Monday 7th November 2022


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    AI in the VFX & Creative Industry: Impact, Issues & Solutions | TVAP EP45

    Join us, as we discuss the impact of AI in the VFX & Creative industry.

    With the rise of platforms such as Midjourney, Dalle-2, and Stable Diffusion influencing artists, we bring forth this open discussion about what the impact could be for our industries if certain laws and rules aren't put into place to protect artists and creators worldwide.

    We look to touch on copyright ownership and rights, privacy, ethics, and more!

    Join us this Wednesday, Nov 2nd, 2022, for the discussion and to take part in our Q&A session with industry professionals in the VFX & creative industry.

    Our guests are, in no particular order:

    Simon Legrand - Realtime Supervisor at Untold Studios London

    Justin Braun - FX TD at Untold Studios London

    Vladimir Venkov - Modeler/Texture Artist

    Carlo Santoriello - 3d artist, Animator & Graphic designer

    Anthony Martin - Senior Lecturer & Course Leader for Concept Art at Staffordshire University

    Jamie Bakewell - Company Owner / Creative Director (Visualisation for Film, Game & TV) at Bigtooth Studios

    Tom Paton - Writer // Director // Producer focused on integrating AI, UE5.

    Artwork created by Carlo Santoriello

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