Becoming a VFX Supervisor, Realtime, Virtual Production with Chaos Group Labs Director: Chris Nichols | TVAP EP14

Friday 29th October 2021


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    This week we meet Christopher Nichols, veteran VFX Supervisor and Director of the Chaos Group Labs. Chris’s career in computer graphics spans over 20 years, beginning in architecture and quickly moving to major motion pictures and later commercials at: Digital Domain, Sony Pictures, Method, Sway Studios and others.

    As this is Daniel’s first time hosting the show it’s lucky that Chris is himself a veteran podcaster - helming CG Garage (where Kofi and Daniel are also appearing as guests) in addition to the Martini Giant film podcast.

    We take a whirlwind tour and learn about true real time ray tracing, how to become a VFX Supervisor and how to rob a bank with V-Ray.

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