From Matchmove Lead to Lighting TD - How I did it - Maik Pham Quang | TVAP EP21

Wednesday 26th January 2022

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In this episode we chat to Maik Pham Quang, a Matchmove lead at Framestore London, about his career progression, as a runner, through to becoming a matchmove lead, with a decade's experience, to transitioning and changing departments to pursue his interest in the lighting department as a lighting TD.

Maik tells us about how it is leading and managing teams, managing pressure and expectations, fitting into a new department, and more.
We hope you enjoy the show!

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00:00 - What to expect in this episode
03:19 - Guest intro
05:19 - Entry into the industry
14:40 - Getting into the matchmove department
19:18 - Seniority progression through the matchmove department
21:33 - Watch Maik's 2021 Lead Matchmove reel
24:50 - What artists think about you as a lead
25:41 - What are the common mistakes matchmove artists make
27:33 - What do matchmove leads and supervisors expect to see in showreels?
29:42 - Which matchmove tasks are requested more lately on shows?
33:46 - Switching from matchmove to the lighting department
38:50 - Do you see yourself transitioning to another department in the future?
44:43 - What advice would you give to the aspiring artists?
48:10 - Conclusions
48:52 - Should artists work at different studios to validate their skills?
51:26 - Extras

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