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Lidars and Photogrammetry for film with Joseph Steel - Co-founder of Visualskies Studios | TVAP EP05

Wednesday 2nd June 2021

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Lidars, we use them almost everyday in our daily roles as VFX artists, and we miss them when they aren't available for shows, but do we really understand how lidars are captured?

In this episode, I chat to Joseph Steel, co-founder of London based Visualskies Studios about his journey to starting his company, and becoming one of the leading providers for Lidars, 3D scanning, Photogrammetry and more for the film industry.

Joe's interest in drones begun with building and soldering his own in his kitchen, leading on to creating his company, which has had the responsibility of creating lidars and photogrammetry for movies such as Artemis Fowl, Kingsman The Golden Circle, HBO's Watchmen, and many more.

At the time of posting, Visualskies is looking to recruit. Watch/listen to find out about how to apply.

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