Perception - Behind the HUD & Title sequences of your favourite movies | TVAP EP34

Wednesday 15th June 2022


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    In this episode, we chat to Jeremy Lasky & Danny Gonzalez, founders of Perception to learn more about the creation of what's become one of the most influential and important VFX & creative studios globally.

    Perception has brought us title sequences and HUD's (heads up displays) for films such as Iron Man, Black Panther, Loki, Wandavision, Spiderman Homecoming, Eternals, and many more. In fact, the list is endless!

    Title sequences and great HUD's play a great part in the story-telling of movies, as well as real-world applications, and Perception is at the forefront of some of the most cutting-edge and most successful ones.

    In this episode, we learn about the reason behind the creation of the studio, the ins and outs, the hustle and the failures turned to wins.

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    00:00:00 Intro
    00:00:16 Why we created Perception
    00:08:47 Differentiating Perception from VFX studios
    00:14:11 Considering ethical concerns when designing
    00:16:18 Can too much creative freedom be negative?
    00:17:30 Secret In-house technologies
    00:19:14 How to stay original
    00:21:25 Expanding offices beyond North America
    00:23:06 Learning from mistakes
    00:28:46 Aspirations for the next decade

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