Perspective of a Senior Houdini FX TD, with Baptiste Jaquemet | TVAP EP30

Wednesday 20th April 2022


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In this episode, we chat to Baptiste Jaquemet, a senior Houdini FX TD and generalist, about his journey into the VFX industry and how his journey has led him to work at the studio that inspired his interest in VFX - Weta.

Baptiste's journey is an interesting one, and we talk about his early beginnings, his love for Blender, and Houdini, negative experiences in the VFX industry, and his dreams for the future.

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00:00:00 Episode Overview
00:01:24 Intro
00:01:47 Introducing Baptiste
00:03:44 Weta
00:05:10 Who/What inspired your VFX journey
00:08:08 Realisation of creative interest
00:09:28 Journey into the industry
00:13:08 Dark aspects of the industry - Part 1
00:16:20 VFX industry in France
00:17:39 Working as a Freelancer vs Contract
00:20:48 Let's talk Houdini
00:31:20 Watch Baptiste's short film
00:36:50 Best methods for learning Houdini
00:39:24 Pro's & Cons of working at different studios, as an FX TD
00:41:34 creative freeedom when it comes to simulating real world physics
00:43:49 Importance of understanding real world physics
00:45:31 Shading and lighting as an FX TD
00:47:58 FX showreel advice
00:49:51 Dark aspects of the industry - Part 2
00:52:05 OOO and dreams
00:55:37 Conclusion
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Watch Baptiste's short film

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