An Unreal Engine Discussion, with Filipe Magalhães, Realtime Supervisor at NVIZ | TVAP EP27

Tuesday 29th March 2022


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In this episode, Kofi chats to Filipe Magalhães, Realtime supervisor at NVIZ about Unreal engine and all things realtime.

We do a deep dive into Unreal engine in the use for previs, VFX, and Virtual production, compare it to Unity, and retrace Filipe's journey into the industry.

Following up on that, we discus the education, diversity and representation in the VFX industry, neurodiversity and more.

A very well packed episode, not to be missed!

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00:00:00 Episode Overview
00:02:05 intro
00:02:32 Introductions and a bit about Filipe
00:09:52 When did you realise you had a creative interest?
00:13:10 Differences between unreal and unity and why the previs/postvis, VFX and virtual production industries have adopted unreal over Unity
00:18:06 What do you generally use unreal for and how does the workflow differ between previs/postvis, VFX and or virtual production
00:32:33 What are the common requests/demands from directors and what does it take to provide the right tools and results in a fast environment
00:40:48 Non handheld virtual camera challenges in Unreal
00:42:44 What does Unreal lack or can be improved
00:48:23 How technical does one need to be when using unreal
00:55:44 Is non-realtime rendering a thing of the past
00:58:45 Favourite non-real time renderers and why
01:00:27 Achieving diversification and representation in the VFX industry
01:05:44 Assets and Unreal showreel advice
01:08:10 Career path advice
01:14:29 The importance of parental support in finding self
01:18:31 Conclusion

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