Beaumont Loewenthal: How I became a VFX Editor at Lucasfilm | TVAP EP18

Wednesday 8th December 2021


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    This week, on The VFX Artists Podcast, we speak to Beaumont Loewenthal about his journey to the industry and delve into his path to VFX assisting and editing at some great studios, on some very familiar feature films, to becoming a VFX editor on Star Wars Andor at Lucasfilm.

    In this episode, we discuss routes to entry into the VFX industry, and discuss the differences between an editors role compared to a VFX editor, editors assistant and VFX editors assistant's role on both production and VFX side.

    Beau has had a great career so far, leading him to working on films such as Fantastic Beasts, Maleficent 2, Venom 2, and is still growing into an ever demanding role.

    A lot to be discovered and learned in this episode.

    0:00 - Highlights of what to expect in this episode
    2:37 - Guest intro
    3:43 - Where the love for VFX and editing came from
    6:40 - What’s the difference between a VFX editor and a VFX assistant editor
    8:51 - Responsibility as a VFX editor
    9:23 - How I got my first job in the industry
    11:30 - Shows worked on as a VFX editor
    12:40 - Day to day life of a VFX editor
    16:50 - Importance of starting off as a VFX editor’s assistant
    17:35 - Who decides how a film should be cut
    19:15 - How early on are you brought on a show?
    20:52 - How do you feel about having an integral role in the film industry
    22:49 - How close tied is the role of a VFX editor tot the director?
    25:19 - VFX finals coming back through editorial
    28:41 - Working on retimed shots
    29:48 - What do VFX editors transition into
    34:37 - Favourite show till date
    35:51 - What are the best things about what you do and what advice would you give?
    40:00 - Conclusion

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