The VFX Artists Podcast 2021 Rundown pt1 | TVAP EP19

Thursday 16th December 2021


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    This has been a rollercoaster year for many of us and The VFX Artists Podcast is no exception.

    A toddlers decision to play with toy cars at 3am changed the fate of 2 VFX artists who met up to reflect on how far the podcast has come in less than a year. With guests ranging from Matchmove Artists to Compositors, VR Developers to Stunt Performers, Character Modellers to VFX Supervisors, On-Set Data collectors, a Black Widow and more.

    Originally planned as a single episode we cover a lot of ground. There are helicopters, career tips, kung fu masters.

    So don your headphones, kick back and join Kofi and Daniel as they take you through the highlights.


    00:00 - ident

    00:20 - intro

    01:10 - EP01 summary and takeaways with Ace Ruele - Motion capture/performance artist for film and games

    06:38 - EP02 summary and takeaways with Jorundur Rafn Arnarson - Game Of Thrones and On-Set VFX Supervisor

    11:42 -How Kofi came about starting The VFX Artists Podcast

    16:08 - EP03 summary and takeaways with Vladimir Venkov - Character modeler

    19:51 - EP04 summary and takeaways with David Cheung - Stunt actor/performer

    23:08 - EP05 summary and takeaways with Joseph Steel - Lidars and Photogrammetry for film

    25:04 - EP06 summary and takeaways with Sarah Gatefield - Matchmove for film, AR, VR & XR

    34:06 - EP07 summary and takeaways with Prince Yiadom - Compositing for film

    39:35 - EP08 summary and takeaways with Rory Bryans - VFX On Set Supervising at MPC London

    46:06 - What Kofi has learned from the guests on the show so far, and EP09 summary and takeaways with Yolanda Lynes - Black Widow actress

    51:22 - EP10 summary and takeaways with Paris Marin - Previs and Postvis (to be continued in pt2)

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