The VFX Artists Podcast 2021 Rundown pt2 | TVAP EP20

Sunday 16th January 2022


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    In this episode we complete our rundown of 2021. Daniel and Kofi discuss some of the themes raised in the episodes, as well as clips. Topics include VFX Editing, Previs, Realtime and Unreal Engine, discrimination and racism in the industry, independent filmmaking, Nuke, Blender, Unreal, VFX software development, Costume Design, VFX Editing, game cinematics and more!

    00:00:00 Intro
    00:59:22 Previs and PostViz( EP10 with Paris Marin:
    00:05:19 Growing up with VFX, Blender, After Effects, Social Media (EP11 with Ty Robillard:
    00:10:45 Costume and Set-Design (EP12 with Rianna Charles and Jodie-Simone-Howe
    00:15:23 Working at top studios and the Realtime pipeline (EP13 with Simon Legrand
    00:22:11 Realtime, V-Ray and Vantage, Unreal, CG Garage and Chris Nichols (
    00:29:52 More Unreal and VFX Supervisor talk, racism and representation in the industy, Floyd Billingy (
    00:41:58 Foundry, software development, Nuke and USD clip from Christy Anzelmo(
    00:48:56 Indie Filmmaking and the mainstream VFX industry with Marcus Flemmings (
    00:56:26 The role of the VFX Editor - Beaumony Loewenthal (
    01:02:24 Roundup, plans for 2022 and outro

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