Being An Artist In The Chinese VFX Industry | TVAP EP39

Wednesday 24th August 2022


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    In this episode, I chat to Yin Wu, a Junior CG Artist at The Mill, Shanghai, about his experience and journey into the Chinese VFX industry.

    My curiosity of the Chinese industry, leads me to chase for comparisons between the U.K. VFX industry - Finding similarities and differences on topics like work-life-balance and how the industry differentiates itself between Beijing and Shanghai.

    Yin's story is that of dedication and merit.

    As a developing CG artist, with background in Blender, we dive in to find out why Blender stands out for him. We also discuss his transition into Unreal engine, and Houdini.

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    00:00:00 Ident
    00:00:05 Intro
    00:00:46 Get to know Yin
    00:01:04 How I got into the VFX industry
    00:05:20 Getting my first VFX job in China
    00:06:44 Becoming an artist at The Mill Shanghai
    00:10:06 A bigger picture of the VFX industry in China
    00:11:04 Work-life-balance in the Chinese VFX industry
    00:14:20 Regulations for better work-life balance in the Chinese VFX industry
    00:15:33 Working in Blender
    00:18:23 Inspiration behind the cityscape
    00:19:55 Transition to Unreal Engine
    00:21:49 Typical route to entry into the Chinese VFX industry
    00:23:50 Freedom of career direction in the Chinese community
    00:25:14 What inspired your journey into the creative industry
    00:26:10 Need for change in the Chinese VFX industry
    00:31:48 Advice for aspiring VFX artists
    00:33:16 Commercials vs Film, Shanghai vs Beijing
    00:34:31 Conclusion

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