Creativity, Money and the Freelance Career, with Courtney Pryce | TVAP EP 48

Sunday 27th November 2022

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Show Notes

This week we caught up with Courtney Pryce. Industry veterans will know him from his years as Creative Specialist at Foundry.

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Courtney worked with UK Film and TV industry Union, BECTU, to put together a suggested rate card for freelance and contract staff in VFX. We get to engage with the methodology and consequences of open disclosure of the often taboo subject of the pay scale.

Courtney also engaged strongly with the industry-wide discussion of racism sparked by the Black Lives Matter protests in 2020. We don't shy away from tackling the issue of racism and nepotism in the workplace and there is a forthright but ultimately optimistic discussion.

Nevertheless, we never lost sight of Courtney's key skills as a solid professional compositor and reactive as he shares a wealth of knowledge that will benefit artists of all levels and from all backgrounds.

You won't want to miss out on this discussion!

Courtney Pryce showreel 2022

00:00:00 : Intro - what to expect
00:18:17 : The Role of a Creative Specialist at Foundry
00:20:06 : When you're too comfortable
00:24:00 : Freelancing "Year Zero"
00:27:01 : Having kids as a freelancer
00:31:01 : Burnout
00:34:52 : VFX Rate cards: methodology and controversy
00:43:41 : Black Lives Matter and Racism in the Industry
00:54:25 : Projects most proud of.

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