What does it take to be a lighting artist? with Jasmine Katatikarn | TVAP EP49

Monday 5th December 2022


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    What does it take to be a lighting artist? with Jasmine Katatikarn | TVAP EP49

    This week we catch up with Jasmine Katatikarn, lighting artist and co-founder of the Academy of Animated Art.

    We discuss finding your career path at any stage in life, what it takes to be a lighting artist, what makes a successful lighting application to top VFX, and animation studios, working in the VFX and animation as a woman and POC, diversity in the industry and more.

    Without a doubt, we also go on to find out about Jasmine's career path in the industry, as well as how she co-founded the Academy of Animated Art, and what her academy teaches lighting artists.

    Jasmine has over two decades of industry experience as both, being a lighting artist in the VFX industry, and the feature animation industry. Jasmine has gone to work for studios such as Blue Sky Studios (Disney), The Mill, Framestore, and many more incredible studios, stamping her signature on shows such as Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs, Rio, Rio 2, Spies in Disguise and more.


    Academy of Animated Art
    Academy of Animated Art Courses
    Diversity Action Program

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