How Animation Changed My Life - Michael Morgan - Part 2 | TVAP EP24

Thursday 10th February 2022


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In this episode, we conclude our two-part episode with Michael Morgan, a U.K. based senior character animator and animation mentor about his journey into the industry and working with some of the most highly respected studios in the world.

Michael has over two decades of experience in the VFX industry, and has contributed to some of your favourite movies and characters on the big screen, ranging from Marvel's Black Panther, Guardians Of The Galaxy: Vol 2, Star Wars: Clone Wars, Venom, Pacific Rim: Uprising and more!

In this episode, we discus his journey into the industry, his experiences leading and supervising teams. We also go on to discuss what qualities he looks for in animators, as well as the common practices and mistakes animators do, showreel advice, motion capture, and more

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00:00 - Pre roll and what to expect in this episode
00:38 - Imposters syndrome
10:02 - Common mistakes animators make
16:16 - What transferable skills or knowledge can be passed on to a 2D animator or a stop motion animator?
19:32 - What advice would you give to anyone putting together an animation showreel
24:34 - Recommending good universities and courses
31:46 - What’s been a memorable highlight of your career so far
36:46 - As a family man, how do you organise things with loved ones, when you have to leave for work
44:04 - What are you aspiring for in the next few years?
48:57 - Working with Daniel Miller on Broken Toy short film
50:58 - How to engage with Michael online
52:02 - Conclusion

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