How I Became A VFX Coordinator | TVAP EP38

Wednesday 17th August 2022


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    In this episode, we chat to Atem Kuol about how he became a VFX coordinator.

    Starting up as a witness camera operator and venturing into VFX production before embarking on 'Death on the Nile' as assistant coordinator, Atem gives us the low down on his experiences and how he made it into the VFX industry from his early beginnings in the live TV industry.

    One not to be missed, from anyone looking to understand what VFX coordinators do, and the ins and outs of how one gets to be one.

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    00:00:00 Ident
    00:00:05 Intro
    00:00:10 A bit about Atem
    00:03:19 The role of a VFX coordinator explained
    00:06:54 VFX journey - The inspiration
    00:10:01 What's the entry route for VFX coordinators
    00:11:35 Coordinating alongside covid
    00:13:01 Working with departments on a day-to-day basis
    00:14:05 Coordinator's relationship & process with VFX vendors
    00:16:10 What's the best way to understand every department's needs
    00:19:02 Features or Episodics
    00:20:14 Advice for aspiring coordinators
    00:21:40 Advice for coodinators looking to move between vendor side and production company
    00:22:43 Humble Beginnings Films
    00:23:58 Conclusion

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