The State of The VFX Industry in 2024, with VFX Comp Supervisor Ruth Meridjen | TVAP EP59

Monday 18th March 2024

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Show Notes

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In this episode, I chat to VFX Comp Supervisor Ruth Meridjen about the state of the VFX industry in 2024 and the impact of the pandemic on production.

The slow ramp-up of production and the greenlighting of projects are discussed. The future of the industry and the role of AI in filmmaking are examined, with a focus on the limitations and regulations surrounding AI. The importance of storytelling and the need for more unique and diverse stories are emphasized, as well as the need for VFX to support the story rather than overshadow it. The conversation covers topics such as representation in movies and TV shows, attitudes towards AI in the VFX industry, the impact of AI on job security, adapting to changes in Nuke, balancing work and learning, Ruth's journey in the VFX industry, and addressing burnout in the VFX industry.


  • The VFX industry has faced challenges due to the pandemic, with a slow ramp-up of production and the greenlighting of projects that may not have been approved in normal circumstances.
  • AI has the potential to impact the industry, but regulations and laws are still being developed, and the role of AI in reproducing human artistry is limited.
  • The industry should prioritize storytelling and the creation of unique and diverse stories to engage audiences and avoid repetitive content.
  • VFX should be a supporting cast member to the story, enhancing it without overshadowing it. There is a need for more diverse and inclusive representation in movies and TV shows.
  • Attitudes towards AI in the VFX industry range from excitement to fear of job loss.
  • While AI may pose risks to certain jobs in the industry, it is unlikely to completely replace artists.
  • Staying updated with software upgrades and new workflows is important in the VFX industry.
  • Finding a work-life balance and setting boundaries is crucial to avoid burnout in the industry.


00:00 Introduction and Setting the Stage
01:18 The State of the Industry in 2024
04:44 Slow Ramp-up of Production
05:29 The Future of the Industry and AI
07:29 The Role of AI in Filmmaking
09:32 Regulations and Laws around AI
11:15 The Limitations of AI in Reproducing Human Artistry
13:09 The Future of AI and the Flattening Curve of Progress
14:08 The Impact of AI on VFX Processes
15:11 The Quantity vs Quality Dilemma
18:30 Audience Fatigue with Repetitive Content
19:25 VFX as a Supporting Cast Member
20:24 Playing It Safe and Lack of Unique Stories
21:29 The Need for More Diverse Stories
21:33 Representation in Movies and TV Shows
23:08 Attitudes Towards AI in the VFX Industry
25:18 The Impact of AI on Job Security
26:23 Adapting to Changes in Nuke
29:32 Balancing Work and Learning
32:39 Ruth's Journey in the VFX Industry
37:21 Addressing Burnout in the VFX Industry

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