What is Previs, and why it's important - with Jamie Bakewell, founder of Bigtooth Studios | TVAP EP26

Wednesday 2nd March 2022


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On today’s episode, we have Jamie Bakewell in the hot seat to discuss all things previs and postvis, starting from his journey into the industry , to the decisions which led to the creation of his Previs studio in the midlands - Bigtooth Studios.

Jamie’s incredible first job with Aardman, soon after graduating in 2009 from Staffordshire University led him to work on The Pirates! In an Adventure with Scientists!, spiralling a great friendship with Pawl Fulker, co-owner of Proof Inc, (before it was called Proof!), who then ended up inspiring Jamie to set up his previs studio.

We dive into what it takes Jamie to wear two hats on a daily basis, as an artist and entrepreneur, as well as what it took for him to transition into that role.

Of course, focusing the topic around previs, we couldn’t leave out what previs and postvis is all about and the use of Blender vs Maya for previs.

Strap in, and we hope you enjoy this episode.

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Bigtooth Studios

00:00:00 Coming up..
00:03:05 Episode overview
00:03:30 Jamie intro
00:04:43 Story behind the name
00:06:00 Industry journey before Bigtooth Studios
00:19:30 Shows worked on
00:22:39 Epiphany moment, leading to the creation of Bigtooth Studios
00:58:00 Runing and managing Bigtooth Studios during the pandemic
01:03:22 Advantages and disadvantages of running your business in the midlands
01:06:00 Tools and software
01:14:16 Why should anyone decide to work in the visualisation industry
01:15:55 Would you recommend working in previs and postvis before working in VFX studios to deliver finals?
01:17:52 Balancing being an artist and an entrepreneur on a daily basis
01:21:06 Best and worst decisions made as an artist and a business owner
01:24:21 What should be the key differences for anyone making a previs/postvis reel and a VFX finals reel
01:27:31 Unreal engine and Virtual Production
01:30:43 Conclusion

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